Application: Gantry crane lighting, aquarium lighting
wharf (container yard) lighting, airport apron lighting
Lighting up for castle, world Heritage, etc

PH-T300S / 450S is a large-sized LED projector equivalent to mercury lamps 700W - 1500W.
Features: heavy salt resistant, wind speed of 70 m / s, waterproof IP66, shock resistance, vibration proof

PH-T300S / 450S can withstand use under harsh environmental conditions like installation on a gantry crane!




HID lamp


HID lamp


Model PH-T300S PH-T450S
Power 300W 450W
Lumens 29000lm 42400lm
Working temperature -40°C - +50°C

50000 hours


Wind resistance, Vibration resistance, Impact resistance
Wind resistance 70 m / s, vibration resistance 4 G, shock resistance 40 G, by using a strong mounting bracket with a thickness of 6 mm. It can also be used for harsh conditions with crane installation!

■ Heavy salt tolerance (chemical resistant)
Due to special surface painting excellent in heavy salt tolerance and chemical resistance, it can also be used in salt damage areas, chemical plants, etc.

High humidity environment, condensation prevention structure
By using a ventilation valve, ventilation inside the equipment is carried out to prevent dew condensation. Of course, there is no problem in using in a high humidity environment.

■ IP66 for outdoor use
Dustproof and waterproof performance is IP66. It is a perfect dustproof structure and a waterproof structure that does not flood even in strong direct jet water from all directions. Suitable for outdoor use.

■ Tempered glass on the front cover
Tempered glass is no discoloration due to oils. Synthetic resins such as polycarbonate are yellowed with ultraviolet rays, oils, salt, etc., and the illuminance deteriorates.

■ Eight kinds of irradiation angles from narrow to wide
Choose from the narrow angle 25 degree type which is suitable for lighting up to the wide 85×150 degree type which can be used for road lighting according to the application.

Specifications PH-T300S/450S

Input voltage AC100-240V Material Aluminum, Tempered glass
Frequency 50/60Hz Size 602×556×77mm
Color temp 6000K / 3000K Weight 16.5kg
IP code IP66    

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