High temperature, high humidity, oil resistance, vibration proof, chemical resistance

Application: Automobile factory, paper mill, steel factory, environmental test room, thermostatic chamber, Robodrill, sewerage facility, etc

Can withstand high temperatures of 135°C

Using high temperature resistance components, and lower the LED junction temperature by special design, enabling the use in high temperature environment by suppressing the deterioration of the LED. 


*External LED driver must be put out of high temperature environment.


Excellent shock resistance

PH-T has 4 G vibration resistance and 40 G shock resistance!
Suitable for using in violent vibration or hoist crane.


High humidity environment use, Dew condensation prevention

Using a breather, the ventilation is done for preventing condensation.
Suitable for using in high hymidity environment (95%)


Tempered Glass

Tempered glass does not discolor by ultraviolet rays, oil and salt.


IP67 Water-proof

No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight)
Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion).

Chemical resistance paint

Adding special surface coating excellent in chemical resistance makes it suitable for use in chemical plants.

Cone angle option

Choose cone angle from 3 types of 60°x90°(standard), 60°x135° or 85°x150°


PH-T series Line-up

Model number suffix Blank:60°C -HT80:80°C -HT90:90°C -HT100:100°C -HT135:135°C

Type Model number





PH-T12 15W 1150lm Light bulb 80W
PH-T12-HT80 12W 920lm Light bulb 60W


PH-T24 30W 2400lm HID 120W
PH-T24-HT80 24W 1920lm Tube lamp 40W
PH-T24-HT90 21W 1680lm Light bulb 100W
PH-T24-HT100 18W 1440lm Light bulb 100W


PH-T48 57W 4800lm HID 180W
PH-T48-HT80 46W 3840lm Tube lamp 40W x 2
PH-T48-HT90 40W 3360lm HID 150W
PH-T48-HT100 35W 2880lm HID 120W
PH-T48-HT135 31W 2640lm HID 120W


PH-T72 84W 7200lm HID 300W
PH-T72-HT80 67W 5760lm HID 200W
PH-T72-HT90 59W 5040lm HID 200W
PH-T72-HT100 50W 4320lm HID 150W
PH-T72-HT135 46W 3860lm HID 150W


PH-T96 110W 9600lm HID 350W
PH-T96-HT80 88W 7680lm HID 300W
PH-T96-HT90 77W 6720lm HID 250W
PH-T96-HT100 66W 5760lm HID 200W
PH-T96-HT135 60W 5280lm HID 200W


PH-T120 135W 11500lm HID 400W
PH-T120-HT80 108W 9200lm HID 350W
PH-T120-HT90 94W 8050lm HID 300W
PH-T120-HT100 80W 6900lm HID 250W
PH-T120-HT135 74W 6325lm HID 250W


PH-T300-HT60 210W 20000lm HID 700W
PH-T300-HT80 180W 17400lm HID 600W
PH-T300-HT100 150W 14500lm HID 500W

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